Crumb definitions discovering

Crumb definitions are registred through files that are loaded as Python modules, where some code can register needed crumbs.'crumbs')[source]

Automatic discovering for available crumbs definitions

Before looking at crumbs files, registry start from settings.AUTOBREADCRUMBS_TITLES items if setted, else an empty Dict.

Then it try to load possible root crumb file defined in settings.AUTOBREADCRUMBS_ROOT_CRUMB (as a Python path). And finally load each crumbs file finded in settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Keyword Arguments:
 filename (string) – Module filename to search for. Default to crumbs, so it will search for a file at root of every enabled module from settings.INSTALLED_APPS.
Returns:List of successfully loaded Python paths.
Return type:list, filename=None)[source]

Try to discover and load a file from given Python path.

Parameters:module_path (string) – Python path to scan for filename module.
Keyword Arguments:
 filename (string) – Optional module filename to search for, usually, default to None.
Raises:Exception – Raise any occuring exception from loaded Python path.
Returns:Python path (module.filename) for discovered crumbs module. If filename does not exists in module, return None.
Return type:string or None